A world where the corrupt and wicked are dominated by efficacious communities. Good people. Ready to protect. Ready to defend.

Communities armed to the hilt with knowledge and preparedness. Hoping for the best. Ready for the worst.


Through collaboration, engagement and research, teach the right things, to the right people, at the right time. Ensuring they are able to defend and protect effectively

Core values

1- Teamworking

I will work together, across borders and divides, to share knowledge and pursue my cause.

2- Integrity

I will uphold the highest standards of integrity ensuring trust and fairness are offered to all people who I interact with.

3- Respect

I will respect all balanced and fair views, ideas, opinions and beliefs.

4- Focus

I will focus on ethical, helpful, high-quality information and discussion so that the focus of the community will follow.

5- Collaboration

I will embrace collaboration and encourage like minds to run free.

6- Diversity

I will promote an inclusive brand where all community members who interact with it are afforded equal respect and gratitude for their contributions.

7- Win-win

I view my community as friends and stakeholders and will treat them with the utmost respect and understanding, encouraging them to do the same.

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