1- Raising Military Vehicle Capability

Representation of UK military vehicles
Warren helped train driving skills to soldiers so they could progress to specialist vehicles.

Warren worked alongside the British army delivering safety and training to specialist soldiers. The training was around vehicular operation and advanced procedures for risk minimization.

Soldiers who reached the required standards could then progress to pre-specified battle vehicles. Thus, Warrens role helped raise military vehicle capabilities for the British Army.

2- Metropolitan Police Officer Commendation For Bravery

Warren is recognised for outstanding courage and professionalism

He is recognised for bravery when part of a team who were deployed into danger during the London riots.

Colleagues were under armed attack by a large mob of over 50 people and were being overpowered. Warren quickly got together a small team and was able to infiltrate and reclaim ground that had been held by the mob.

The actions of this small team helped colleagues force the mob into retreat. 44 colleagues were injured during this large-scale disorder. Warren was proud to formally receive a Commander’s Police Officer Commendation.

Warren was nominated by bosses, for Police Officer Of The Year

3- Nominated For Police Officer Of The Year

Warren received personal recognition from Senior Police Officer Chief Superintendent John Sutherland, a successful and highly respected leader, for his hard work and loyalty in keeping his community safe.

Warren was pleasantly surprised, but very pleased when told he had been recognised and nominated for Police Officer of The Year.

4- Leadership Recognition

In his formal review, Warren is described, by senior police officers, as holding excellent skills. Furthermore, he is recognised for taking the lead in developing the skills of newer colleagues.

His superiors describe him as excelling in the area of professionalism and not being afraid to ensure law and order and the reputation of his employer, is maintained at all times.

They documented that he holds clear leadership ability and uses his knowledge and experience to positively influence team performance.

5- Tracked and Caught ‘UK’s Most Wanted Convict’

Special police commendation presented to Warren Luke
One of the UK’s most dangerous predators was snared by Warren

Warren was part of a professional team (an active and principal member) who managed to track, contain and capture an exceptionally violent convict who, at the time, was one of the most wanted men in the UK, and considered armed and dangerous.

Warren was proud to formally receive a special police officer commendation from Police Chief Superintendent Ben-Julian Harrington who is now Chief Constable at Essex Police & National Police Chiefs Council lead for Public Order & Public Safety.

6- Cyber Security Certification

Awarded to Warren by the Computing Technology Industry Association. Compliant with (Department of Defense (DoD) 8570.01-M)

Subject matter includes, concepts of cryptography, cryptography algorithms and their basic characteristics, implement public key infrastructure, threats attacks and vulnerabilities, threat actor types and attributes, penetration testing concepts, vulnerability scanning concepts, resiliency and automation strategies reduce risk, identity and access management concepts, install and configure identity and access services, policies, plans and procedures related to organizational security, risk management processes and concepts, data security and privacy practices.

7- (NAT DIP) Information Technology Applications

Awarded to Warren by the Business and Technology Education Council– skills include, general technology, programming, business systems, data communications and quantitative methods.

8- Most memorable quote, from the community

Community feedback about Warren Luke
Excerpt from the actual community letter that describes Warren Luke
To Senior Police Officer, Commander Harrington. The British Police have a reputation for being the best in the world and it is officers like PC Luke that sustain this reputation.
Community member

A truly humbling quote.

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