Warren Luke receiving one of his commendations

Warren Luke is a serving police officer who works with the Metropolitan Police to provide a responsible, exemplary and ethical police service that seeks to achieve world-class outcomes in the pursuit of justice and in the support of victims.

Warren believes it is essential to tailor community engagement depending on the particular needs of each community member and has worked hard to maintain trust and accountability within such communities. One section of the community felt that Warrens efforts were such that a formal letter of gratitude to Senior Police Officer, Commander Harrington was necessary. Senior officers recognised Warren was the ideal candidate to develop the skills of newer police officers.

With over a decade of experience Warren has been commended by the Metropolitan Police on numerous occasions including for catching the most wanted man in the UK and for displaying an exceptional level of bravery and professionalism during the London riots. Furthermore, as part of the process of recognising outstanding police work, Warren was informed by Chief Superintendent John Sutherland that he had been recognised and was one of the chosen nominations to be considered for Police Officer of The Year.

Warren is a Level 1 Class 1 police advanced driver and a road safety advocate who prior to accepting the role of police officer had been certified as a gold graded member of ROSPA, the highest possible, most challenging and most comprehensive civilian driving qualification available. He had been chosen to work alongside the British Army to deliver driver training.

Warren is currently reading a BSc in Computing and IT with a particular emphasis on safe and secure communications. He holds a National Diploma in IT and has already completed the DoD) 8570.01-M compliant CompTIA cybersecurity certification.

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